Our Values

One World Catering continues the One World Enterprises tradition of valuing community and sustainability. We love that the Bloomington is our home and make business decisions to protect our environment. From composting our food scraps at One World’s Loesh Farm to recycling at our site, we work daily to utilize sustainable business practices. We also believe that the best business partners are those that we find right here in Bloomington, and so we look for ways to build relationships and utilize local purveyors whenever possible. Some of our local partners include:

In addition to working with local businesses, One World Catering also believes in helping our non-profits and community organizations that help make Bloomington the special place that it is. Some of our community groups that we’ve helped through food sponsorships or catering fundraiser events include:

We love being a part of a wonderful and caring community like Bloomington and gladly continue to invest in this wonderful place that we live.