Happy Belated Easter!

The season of flowers and chocolates has only just begun! If you are looking for an extra fun way to say “I love you” to a friends, family, or coworkers, at any time of day, here is our Spring time food itinerary:

9:30 AM: Some in-house made granola with yogurt and fresh berries is a heart healthy way to say good morning.
12:30 PM: Have lunch with our taleggio cheese hot pressed sandwich with pear, arugula and honey. It’s perfect for a Sunday picnic and is both filling and delicious! Wash it down with our tisane made with mint, ginger and local honey. Our chocolate covered strawberries.
6:00 PM: For dinner, sink your teeth into our barbecue beef brisket. Seasoned and cooked to mouth watering perfection! For dessert, juicy strawberries covered in rich melted chocolate is a seasonal favorite and an awesome way to welcome spring.

Our extensive menu can provide hundreds of varieties to customize to your needs and cravings. Call us to make an order that fits your schedule and tastes!

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