A Great Big Thank You

It is November.

And as we continue through the month where we focus on gratitude and thanks we want to point out what One World Catering and Events is most thankful for…


It is YOU, community of Bloomington, Indiana that we send our biggest thanks and most humble gratitude. Without all of you, this would not have been our busiest Halloween season in our history. Without the assistance and partnership of:

Local farmers and vendors
Local party planners and facility managers
Loyal clientele both big and small
We would not pull off the work that we do.

Our town continues to prove that small businesses are alive and thriving, and the continued trust you put into us is something we keep very close to our hearts.

As we enter the Thanksgiving season together, we look forward to continuing to serve you quality, locally produced food with service that warms your heart this holiday season.

Thank you Bloomington! We hope we can make your Thanksgiving a fantastic one!

You made our holiday season possible. Come see what we're cooking up next this Thanksgiving.

You made our holiday season possible. Come see what we’re cooking up next this Thanksgiving.

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