The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale Foods: Snow White

As the first Disney princess, Snow White has captivated our imagination for hundreds of years. Though originating as a German fairy tale, the damsel in distress has varied throughout the centuries in multiple cultures. In fact . . .

Snow White has:
-lived with 40 dragons
-had 2 evil step sisters out for her life
-killed her step mother for the throne

Yet one image endures . . . the apple.

Representing wisdom and love, the locally grown apples used by our chefs are given the extra special treatment as apple picking season comes near. Our apples are baked and sliced into our:
-apple cider
-apple pies
-caramel apple bars
-apple pie cupcakes
-apple dumplings

Yet one treat stands out that seems to truly capture the Snow White theme . . .

Inside Out Caramel Apples
Inside Out Caramel Apples Regionally grown apples are cored, and we replace Snow White’s sleep aid with homemade caramel filling. Once the caramel has solidified inside the apple, it is sliced into bite sized goodness.

Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a snack for one, order a bit of fantasy for the office, or get in the fall spirit with family, taste what we have to offer.

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