Have Fun Pairing Beer with Your Catered Foods

Yesterday we released the video of our Spring Beer Dinner where we paired Bloomington Brewing Company beers with selected dishes prepared by Chef Corbin.

Most people are very familiar with wine pairing – choosing wines and foods that will mesh particularly well together to enhance the flavors of each. But, in North America at least, we tend to think of beer as a drink that’s more ‘go with everything’ than wine.

The truth is that the kind of craft beer that is being produced today in microbreweries and brewpubs across America shows as much variety in flavor as you will find in any bunch of fine wines. And that makes beer another great choice for a fun food tasting event or dinner.

Summer is generally the time for more casual events – outside venues, grilling food choices, patio parties. And beer is a great accompaniment to these kinds of events and the food we serve at them.

When you’re selecting what kind of beer you’d like to pair with your party food, here’s some basic tips:

1. Hoppier beers like IPAs and pale ales will have more pronounced flavors – so make sure you pair them with strong-flavored dishes. Great with grilled foods.

2. If you’re used to thinking in terms of wine and food, lagers can be whites and ales can be reds. The exception would be hoppier ales, which you can use like acidic white ones.

3. In general, keep sweeter beers like Belgians and sweet lambics with sweet food, and tart/sour beers with tart or substantial food.

4. When in doubt, taste-test!

Our catering staff at One World are happy to create some fun and amazing beer-food pairings with you to jazz up your next summer event. Just email us at catering@bloomington.com.

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