Partnering With the Right Caterer – Making Your Event Unique

Unique Event CateringWe are always looking for ways to make our events unique. Our efforts have been most effective when we find out exactly what will make our clients and guests feel special.  There are countless ways to make an event unique and you can do it too! Everyone wants to experience something new and exciting and paying that extra attention to your guests shows them you care. Check out our tips below!

Tips to Make your Events Unique

Know your guests –  The background of the guests, their other experiences throughout the day and their needs and wants are key pieces of information. If your guests are coming in from the cold, a hot chocolate bar is a fun way to give a warming welcome. Maybe your guests have been sitting at a conference all day and they would enjoy a little jar of homemade chocolates for an energy boost. Ask a lot of questions to learn more about the guests. Remember to have fun with it, if you are having fun your guests will too.  At One World Catering & Events we create small pre-event surveys and ask guests what they want to eat, drink, see, hear and do.

Connect your guests to the event – Make the event interactive and involve guests by creating a fun and worthwhile activity that will mingle people together and get the conversation flowing. An elegant and approachable local wine and cheese presentation is one of our favorite ways to create a pleasurable experience and engage guests.

Give a parting gift – Give guests a special treat to take with them when they leave.  A pretty embossed handkerchief with a small message of appreciation is a great way to honor the event and make guests feel special. A local flower arrangement can serve double duty as décor for the party and a beautiful gift for the guest.  We often give guests our 1st place blue ribbon cookie and organic milk treat to take home after events.

Create a custom menu – Ask your caterer for ideas on how to make your menu special. Creating a food experience for guests based on your event theme is a great way to make your event unique.  A custom menu can be created around any aspect of your party, a cultural aspect, guest of honor, age, travel destination, etc.  For many people the food and drink is the most important part of any event. Having a caterer that offers fresh local food is a unique experience for guests because they are enjoying the best Bloomington has to offer.

Consider your guest’s perspective and this will give you the ideas to make each event special. Include your caterer in the conversation and watch your ideas come to life with added value!  Give us a call at 812.334.3663 or email to discuss your upcoming events and how to make them unique!



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