Partnering with the Right Caterer – Creating the Partnership

When ordering food for a conference, staff meeting, donor reception, student fundraiser or department holiday party, we realize the job can be overwhelming. With pressure to earn rave reviews from your boss, finance department and coworkers, we want you to know we are here to help! Keeping guests happy while staying within budget is no easy task. Our new blog series “Partnering with the Right Caterer” will give you tips and ideas on making your events the best they can be.

A natural partnership forms when you find the right caterer. This is key to the overall success of your events. Keep in mind that a good caterer shares ownership and pride in the outcome of your events.

One World Catering & Events is committed to full service catering, which means not only catering all types of events and meetings, it means you get our full attention. Experience counts and even the best food and service can’t make up for mistakes. The success is in the details and we know a great cocktail event isn’t so great if it starts late. We understand the importance of guest comfort and know that not enough seating, food, or beverages can make your role as an event coordinator difficult. You want your partner to handle all the details so you don’t have to.

Here is a quick checklist for partnering with the right caterer:

Good communication – A good caterer should offer suggestions on how to meet budget and give relevant menu ideas based on season and local food availability. Make sure your caterer asks for feedback after every event.

Testimonials and References – Ask your caterer for a list of satisified clients and contact them. Ask current clients if the catering staff is helpful, well prepared, professional and friendly.

Quality Service – Has your contact with the caterer been easy? Have your calls and emails been returned promptly? Did you recieve the menu, proposal and contract when promised?

Budgets – Is your caterer willing to offer ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality?

Partnership – How willing is a caterer to help you succeed? Will the caterer go above and beyond the call of duty to execute a successful event on your behalf? Will they solve unforseen last minute issues to ensure a seamless event for you and your guests?

Essentially, a good caterer delivers on their promises and also fills in the gaps where needed for a successful event. They forsee event needs and are an expert resource for you. Choose a caterer that wants to build a long relationship with you by creating successful events with delicious food and attentive service. To learn more visit





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