How to Crab Boil

On July 8 One World Catering and Events catered the first annual Seafood Boil at Oliver Winery. It was a high profile event, so we decided to host a private “practice” event right in the One World kitchen. We invited employees and vendors to dine with us and sample some delicious seafood.

We asked for feedback and got some great advice. Here are some things we did to ensure that the crab boil goes smoothly.

  1. Keep all condiments, utensils, etc. at the ends of the tables until the boil is spread down the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. This keeps everything neat and tidy.
  2. We covered the tables with newsprint (butcher paper works well too). Guests can place crab shells off to the side without getting everything too messy. Also you can just roll up the paper at the end of the meal which reduces cleanup time.
  3. Serve small bowls of clarified butter, hot sauce, crab forks, crab ‘crackers’, bibs, and wet naps.
  4. Serve hot towels with lemon wedges at the end of the meal. No one wants to leave a meal feeling messy.
  5. Make sure plenty of cold drinks (wine, seasonal beer, etc) are available.

Some of the Menu Items Included…

Fresh Boiled Crab


Shrimp, Mussels, Carrots & Potatos

Shrimp Carrots Mussels & Potatos

 Crayfish & Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn & Crayfish


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